Faisal Sultan.

Product Leader | Amazon, Yahoo, & Founder

I'm a product leader with an engineering background, and 17+ years of experience in AI/ML, AdTech, MusicTech, marketplaces, and supply chain. My expertise spans platform, enterprise, SaaS, and consumer products.

Throughout my career, I've played a crucial role in launching and scaling products that delight customers and drive business impact. I have experience leading both small and large teams, and I believe that process is a product in itself and strive to strike a balance between process and velocity to optimize team performance. I have deep expertise in UX research, design, new product development, and go-to-market strategies, allowing me to guide products from conception to successful launch.

One of the highlights of my career journey was founding my own successful start-up, which was fueled by my passion for electronic music. I strongly believe that passion drives creativity and work ethic, and I strive to bring that same level of dedication and enthusiasm to my work every day.

As a way to give back to the community I enjoy coaching and mentorship and aim to be a ladder for others to climb to new heights in their careers.

Besides work, I'm a published photographer whose work has been exhibited in Venice and Berlin. I enjoy biking, cooking, and spending time with my wife, two cats, and dog. As a licensed private pilot, I find great fulfillment in donating my time to fly rescue animals from kill shelters to their forever homes.